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Kylee Loera is professional video designer, associate video designer, and content creator/video editor for live theatre, dance, and musicals based in New York. Experienced in all facets of her trade, from hands-on load-in and installation to full design services, Kylee is skilled craftsman, technician and artist.
A Las Vegas, Nevada native, Kylee's love for the theatre began at an early age. She attended Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, being named outstanding technical theatre student and graduating with honors. 
Kylee continued her education at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Lighting and Scenic Design from the renowned Leah Gerdine Conservatory of Theatre Arts with departmental honors.
Kylee's ever-growing resumé includes work at the Kennedy Center, The Signature Theater, The Muny Theatre of St.Louis, Theatre Row, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, The Triad, Metro and New Jewish Theatre(s), as well as the Delaware Theatre Company and the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival.
In her spare time, Kylee enjoys a good book, watching classic movies and television as well as walking dogs and playing video games. 


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